Thursday, 20 October 2011

Eavesdrop #5

It's a Thursday. Two men are having lunch together.

Man 1          I'm not a big fan of Thursdays, to be fair

Man 2          Right

Man 1          It's like a non-day, Thursday, isn't it?

Man 2          Ummm....

Man 1          Like, all the other days seem to have a purpose, like. But Thursday's just bang in the middle of the week

Man 2          I thought that was Wedn..

Man 1          Like, Monday, you're like, fair enough, it's Monday, I know where I am. And Tuesday and Wednesday are cool cos you're just getting into the swing of things and then it's fucking Thursday. I don't know.

Man 2          Yep.

Man 1         And then you've got Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then it's the weekend.

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