Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Eavesdrop #7

A man is waiting to order at a coffee shop near Paddington Station. The young woman at the counter speaks with a strong Spanish accent. She's been working very hard.

Man              Latte. Half strength

Woman         I'm sorry?

Man              (louder) Latte. Half Strength

Woman         What is "have streff"? I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Man              A half strength latte. What's the problem here?

Woman         I don't know what you mean. Can you say it another way?

Man              I don't know how else to fucking it say it, love. I want a latte, ok? But half the strength of a normal  one, yeah?

Woman         I make you a latte, yes?

Man              What is the matter with you people!!!

Another customer tries to intervene

Customer       (to woman) I think he means that he wants the coffee to be weaker than normal. Less strong.

Woman         Ah, ok.

Man              Stupid bitch

The young woman makes the latte

Woman         Here is your weaker latte. I think you are a shit and really a bastard.


  1. What's the point of this exactly?

  2. There may not be a point. It's just snippets of conversation that some people might find interesting / amusing / touching / worth a read..