Monday, 16 April 2012

The Making up the Rules of a Game Game

Sometimes, in April, on Saturdays, when it's raining, some people dress in ill-advised outfits, pack their lap tops in their rucksacks, board little trains for £1.50 and go and spend the day sitting in their friends' kitchens.

And sometimes, if they're really lucky, after they've eaten their lasagnes, they make up the rules to the shittest card game in the world.

The Card Game

Split the pack roughly in half
Lay three cards faceup in front of you
From your hand, add any cards to the three in front of you that are 'one up' (numerically)
Put any 4s to one side
Offer your hand to the other player and ask them to choose one. You do the same from their hand.
Put it in your hand
If you have any Jacks, GET RID OF THEM QUICKLY
If you have more cards than your opponent at this point, you've won!

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