Monday, 9 April 2012

A - Z #2

I Absolutely Insist I'm Not Jealous of You

Anyone can see that I'm totally fine with you
Bit breathless
Can you stand a bit further away from me please? No reason
Did you just make a mistake?
Everyone thinks you're really super. Including me
Fuck you (joke!)
Get the fucking fuck away from me (I can't stop doing jokes!)
Have you just farted?
In with anger out with love
Knock knock. Who's there? Oh, you are. Excellent
My mum says that she thinks your mum's a bit crass
Nothing's wrong at all
Of course you can, that's absolutely not a problem
People really, really love you and I think that's great
Quietly grinding jaw
Race you to the end of the world?
Sorry about trashing your house. I honestly thought you'd said I could
Twat (I'm talking about me, not you)
Us? What do you mean by 'us'?
V (as a joke)
Wow. Everything you're saying is really original and dynamic
You've definitely just farted, haven't you?

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