Sunday, 1 July 2012

A-Z #4


As u can tell from my pics, I go out loads and all my clothes are well good
Birthday shout outs are the only way to feel special
Can I tell you all an enormous secret about my personal life?
Do you have a status update I can borrow?
Events, photos, games, gangs, hates, offensive weightloss programmes...
Got millions of invites to millions of sick parties
Hate myself love myself hate myself love myself (LOL)
It's amazing how the adverts are, like, just for me
Jesus Christ, I'm depressed (LOL)
Kate Middleton, public figure, 896,911 'likes'
Like me like me like me like me
M8! :))) Love ur profile pic!! Ur soooooooo fit! DM me lol!
No way! You're friends with some of my friends! Amazers!
OMG: I just had breakfast and next I'm going to have lunch! YUM TIMES!
Poke me poke me poke me poke me
Quit going out in one easy step
Ronan Keating, musician/band, 16 'likes'
Someone needs to write on my wall before I totes kill myself
Tag me tag me tag me tag me
Un-tag me un-tag me un-tag me un-tag me
Why Am I Here on Earth? App, 600,000 monthly users (LOL)
Yes, I do recognise you even though I've never seen you in person before

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