Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Borrowers

Does anyone have a van to help me move at the weekend? If so, could you PM me your details ASAP? Ta.

Does anyone have a red dress I can use for one night next week? I'm planning on going out in red and I don't have anything red, so... xxx

Does anyone have a digital camera I can borrow for my first time with Stewart? (Eek!)

Does anyone have one of those things for getting staples out of stuff? I've got loads of staples in stuff and I need to get them out. It's urgent-ish.

Does anyone have a gigantic house plant (and car) that they don't want any more? I mainly need the car.

Does anyone have an entire orchestra's worth of instruments? I've just had an amazing idea to do with music!

Does anyone have a baby I can borrow? Preferably for a few years?

Does anyone have all the episodes of Neighbours, Home & Away and Eastenders? I need to watch them all quite urgently for a thing I'm doing about addiction, loneliness and overeating.

Does anyone feel like helping me tidy up the mess I've made in my house? I got a bit cross yesterday and burned quite a lot of stuff. #oops.

Does anyone have, like, an hour or so to spare once a week?

Does anyone have a bed? In their room? That I can sleep in? With them?

Does anyone have a healthy sense of boundaries that they could teach me?

Does anyone have a bike, some masking tape, a wig, some sheets of glass, a bible, some coffee, a Kula Shaker CD, some ash, a cock stop, a banana a filing cabinet and a quid I could borrow for twenty minutes?

Does anyone have any advice about anything? I mean just in general?

Does anyone have about twelve of those little wooden scooters that are in the shape of various animals? It's for a kids' music/theatre/group show/workshop that me and Jonah and Jemimah and Juliah and Joshuah are doing.

Does anyone have any idea where I am? All I can see is pylons if that's any help... 

Does anyone have some guns? I've really fucked something up.


  1. Everyone needs something at some point in life, its just some like to take the full advantage of it lol XD

  2. I like what Furita just said. We all do need a favour from time to time, but there are some people who need to just wake up to life and sort it out. The ones that believe you have been put on this earth simply to serve them and provide for all their needs, huh.
    Nice Post.