Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Man

The man is in Somalia

Where there is a terrible war

So the man flees

But leaves his family

He goes to Norway

And becomes a Norwegian

But he has cousins in the UK

So after a while he comes to the UK to work

He works really hard

He makes some good friends

He has quite a nice time

But fears for his family

And then he gets cancer

And gets pretty ill pretty quickly

He has an operation

But there is nothing they can do

Because it's all over his body

The man is discharged to a care home

Where elderly people are slumped in chairs

That are positioned by windows

But the chairs are far too big for their tiny bodies

So their heads flop to one side

Their tiny heads

Like babies

The care home stinks of actual piss

Even though it isn't really a dirty place

It's probably no one's fault

It's just the way these places smell

The man makes a claim for sickness benefit

Because he's really sick now

He was told by someone that he'd get it

Because he's been living and working here for ages

But he is turned down

Because he doesn't have a right to reside in the UK

Due to the gaps in his employment history

The man asks for legal advice

And asks if he's going to be deported

And he's told he's not

That not having a right to reside doesn't mean he doesn't have the right to be here

The man is told that this is a really complicated area of law

But that it looks like he might have a good case

Although the appeal could take a really long time to process

The man gets a look on his face that says, 'time is something I don't have a lot of'

The man says, 'but I don't have money'

The man shakes his head

He does this for ages

Really slowly

The man says, 'they tell me I have the cancer'

And he starts to unbutton his shirt

To prove it

But he's told that this isn't necessary

The man says 'I am dying'

He says it out loud

It might be the first time he's said it

And he says it again

He says he's scared of it and doesn't want it to hurt

And that he tries to pray every day

But that it doesn't work

And then the man starts to weep

And to speak in a language that probably even he can't understand

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  1. I knew that were for real! I believe in him when i fast contacted him! he made my wish come true. My husband is back home with me, and I am so happy and so thankful to him. his is the only one that has truly helped me. all my thanks to him.