Sunday, 10 February 2013

A-Z #6

Search History

Are mermaids evil
Being spat on by a Phillip Schofield in a dream
Can people die for no reason
Does the weather affect how tall the Eiffel Tower gets
Emails can cause wrinkles
Facebook ruined my career
Good games to play at a funeral
How do I ask for coffee in Australian
If I want to be a doctor what should I study
Joke telling can cause wrinkles
Kindle version of Google but not on the internet
Last minute alibi ideas
Maths for newborn babies
New boyfriend acting weird after finding out weird stuff about me
Oily tears advice
Pets that want to kill themselves
Queuing can cause wrinkles
Red stuff all over house
Sun rays and how to complain about them
Trying to make everyone happy but it's not working
Understanding stuff is hard how come?
Vera Wang perfume made me crave plastic reasons
Why am I mad
Xray party pros and cons
YouTube doesn't really exist

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