Monday, 15 April 2013

A-Z #8

Things We Have Learned From The Film, Oblivion

Andrea Riseborough does acting
Books save lives
Command centres might be evil
Delta Sleep helps your make-up stay on 
Even after a catastrophic war, a good sense of style is everything
Flowers might be evil
Getting Away From It All makes the weather better. FACT.
Have a look at this
In post-alien-invasian New York, you will find a dog
Just because you're ONAMISSION doesn't mean baseball is dead
Kurylenko doesn't have any good anagrams
Lip balm, shampoo, razors and other grooming products are a gift from God
Morgan Freeman is Morgan Freeman
Nearly bleeding to death is sexy
Objects might be evil
Private swimming pools are an absolute must in times of hopelessness
Quests make you dirty so you need to have lots of showers
Resistance movements are really in to steam punk
Some trees and plants and stuff grow really, really, really, really, really quickly
Tom Cruise's arms are made of footballs
Upside-down triangles aren't always what they say they are, guys
Vinyl makes everyhing better. FACT.
Wall-EMoonIndependenceDayTotal RecallPlanetoftheApesOBLIVION
You know you're going to be ok when there's a Bob Hope doll in your cockpit

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