Monday, 17 June 2013

Job App

Here is a job advert from Shoreditch Hype
Hype is Timeout in real time!
We are technology startup with a mission to help everyone discover most interesting spots, happenings, art, people and news locally in real time.
We are soon launching in London, Berlin and Stockholm.
Hype is looking for a great content creators interested in culture, arts, coffee, music, food, fashion and tech. Preferably, you like to hang out in Shoreditch (and other great areas) and can tell us about the best parties, delicious crepes, cool bartenders, street art, co-working spaces, art galleries, smooth coffee or gigs.
This role will include real time reporting, drinking cocktails, tasting coffee, running around Shoreditch and competing with other curators,
Don't send us your CV, we don't read them. Register on, create your profile, show us who you are, what you like and we will get in touch with you. You will also get training and will have to show your skills on Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Twitter.
Additionally, we give extra points to bloggers, photographers, video enthusiasts and taste makers.
You need to have a smartphone and a laptop.
Working hours upon agreement, part time/full time, some shifts might include weekends.
If you live in any other exciting area around the world and would like to tell us about it, feel free to contact us.
Any questions, please contact us on
Find us on Twitter @ShoreditchHype

Here is a job application for the above job with Shoreditch Hype:
Hello Shoreditch Hype
My name is lowercase niiiice. i'd totally be into applying for the vacant hole you advertised for a REALTIMECURATOR/REPORTER/BLOGGER
here is a bit about me along with my creds:
i'm seriously into real time happenings. i feel like i'm not completely part of the connectedness of a happening unless the happening is happening in real time. i reckon this is way the case with most happenings that are happening but esp with 'likes' and 'RTs'. Please RT.
like you, i am on a total mission to help everyone discover most interesting spots, happenings, art, people and news locally in real time. i will do this by RTing the real time fuck out of shit that is just about to be happening and by following edgy art makers and PMing them articles by the fader. my twitter skills are ridic. you don't even know.
i can create content like there's no tommoz. i am a real time creator as well as an out of time creator, a timeless creator, a go time creator, an edge of time creator and a before and after hand creator. the content that i create is mainly word for word happenings and other real time sweet and safe jam pieces. i also write about the spaces in between real time that may or may not be happening during a real time event or creation. the pieces co exist in a simultaneous time space that i think can make for really challenging reading and thought consequences. my content is ever changing and is sometimes scented. some examples of my makings are here .
my interest in culture is over the absolute top. sometimes it's over the moon. an example of the things i am interested in culture wise are in this list:
will smith
hanging out in shoreditch is one of my super strengths. i can totally blend into a scene but also pop up. also, outfits. btw: i totally know why you wrote (and other great areas) in brackets. lols.
i know a shitload of massive about all the stuff you want me to know about and i can mash them all up together like a real time culture banana. eg, i can tell you about the best bar gigs, delicious co-art, cool crepes, street working folios, coffee spaces and smooth tenders. i totally know that you totally know what i mean in an actual way that is both real time and over time.
i am an absolute taste maker. some of my tastes include:
hang my gang
gridlock frock
all of my tastes are real time based spaced taste states.
i am also a photographer and i take pieces of images based on findings that have happened in a found way that have evolved in a context of multi layered function with an added dynamic of loss.
instead of sending you my cv, i've written it out on a piece of paper that i got from a homeless charity and photocopied it a million times and sent it to the minister for culture as a statement about poverty. i also attached a video camera to the post box i posted it in and i've left it there for 40 days and 40 nights to make another statement about how jesus was just trying to be a nice guy.
basically, i can run around Shoreditch like an absolute cunt.
really looking forward to being chill with you.
lowercase n.