Wednesday, 13 November 2013

'This is Quite Scary'

There was a report in today's Mail Online about a group of students singing misogynistic and racist songs on a bus. Here is an excerpt:

A shocking video of university students singing sexist songs on a packed public bus has gone viral. The mobile phone footage shows male members of the University of Stirling’s hockey club drinking beer and shouting derogatory sexual and racist chants while other passengers look on. The students from the university in Scotland are filmed laughing at a joke about miscarriages ... women on board were clearly uncomfortable about the antics of the team ... and one said: ‘This is quite scary.’

And now, FYI, here are some of the other news stories in today's Mail Online:

In bed with Holly Willoughby: FEMAIL goes undercover with the nation's sweetheart as she unveils BHS bedroom range

That didn't take long! Amy Willerton strips to her bikini just two hours after touching down in Australia

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her sexy curves and just a hint of midriff in skintight skirt and top combo

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Kate Moss the Playboy Bunny

It's almost that time of year: Amy Childs is festive in a plunging red dress

Miranda Lambert reveals how low-calorie cocktails and portion control are secrets to her weight loss

'I have laser treatments and Botox': Thor star Rene Russo, 59 on her age-defying secrets to staying beautiful

She won't be running! Pamela Anderson makes a statement in low-cut satin minidress, fishnet ankle socks and red heels

Kerr-ping all eyes on her! Miranda wows in daring backless cot-out dress

Caroline Flack falls victim to her hemline as she accidentally flashes her underwear while wearing a thigh-skimming LBD

Awww, Good old Mail Online, the decent, no nonsense, family-friendly news website with actual, real news in it that is committed to upholding our British values and cultural traditions. The website that publishes SERIOUS WRITING by people like Rachel Johnson and Quentin Letts about things like THE ECONOMY and FOREIGN POLICY  - and that also publishes film reviews by Brian Viner who, in his review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire says that AS A FATHER, he is uncomfortable with all the violence in the film and, therefore, questions its 12A certificate - the website that asks, Could YOU lose two stone on the corset diet? and prints heartbreaking, 'how can this be happening to our children!?' articles about young women starving themselves do death because they hate their bodies and other articles about young women committing suicide because they've been systematically bullied about the way they look and that also commissions word-of-warning commentaries about how teenage girls really should shoulder at least some of the responsibility when their teachers abduct them and take them abroad (fair's fair, people!); the website that even gives us (and our kids, don't forget because this is news for all the family! Yay!), just to, you know, ROUND THINGS UP, some good old-fashioned, just-a-bit-of-fun pornography to look at all the way down its right-hand side on a daily basis. That website. Good old, traditional, magestic Mail Online. It's so, very heartening and really not surprising or at all confusing or fucked up, to learn that this cyber-fountain of morality, dignity and pornography-masked-as-celeb-gossip is so shocked and concerned about a group of young, male students, barely over the bridge of their formative years, sitting on a public bus singing a song about raping women.

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