Thursday, 13 February 2014


You may have heard the recent story about Lydia Huhne headbutting a taxi driver who was trying to sexually assault her. Ms Huhne was on her way home from a party when the attack took place and managed to fend off the attacker and force him to unlock the doors of the taxi so that she could escape.

Ms Huhne was invited onto Jeremy Vine's show on BBC Radio 2 today to talk about the attack where she described, in detail, what happened to her. After this, Mr Vine asked Ms Huhne the following question:

'So, what's the lesson for you?'

To which Ms Huhne gave this response:

Well, when women are attacked or sexually assaulted, they need to learn lessons afterwards, don't they? Which is obviously why you asked me what my lesson has been, isn't it? So, I think the lesson for me in all of this is that, before this happened to me, I really didn't try hard enough to avoid being raped.

Avoiding being raped is really important because, as a woman, I have a responsibility to make sure that I don't put myself in situations where a rape could happen. And, because this is the 21st Century and we're all a lot more enlightened about sexual violence these days, we all know that rape can happen absolutely anywhere to anybody. So, because rape can happen absolutely anywhere to anybody and because it's my job to avoid being raped, one of the lessons I've learned is that I should probably never do anything ever again. I didn't really understand that before but now I totally do. I think it's really, really important for us to try our best to perpetuate the myth that women are, in part, responsible for an attack like the one that happened to me.

But, I think for me, the main lesson has been that I need to have a very serious think about whether or not to carry on having a vagina. Because, let's face it, it's having a vagina that gets you raped: having a vagina and then the vagina making you do incredibly rape-inducing and vaginary things like going out to celebrate a friend's birthday in a vaginary way and having some glasses of wine but doing it in a way that really shows off the fact that you're thinking with your vagina, and then deciding you want to go home now because your vagina said so and then having the idea to go home in a taxi with a taxi driver who is a man because your vagina is attention seeking. And now, after all this has happened, it's really obvious to me that I if I didn't have a vagina, I would be much less likely to be raped so I'm going to seriously look into not having one any more. I LOVE LESSONS!

That wasn't really Ms Huhne's response but IMAGINE HOW GOOD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF IT WAS.

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  1. Vagina's are the root cause of rape. All of us women should simply ditch them and all would be well. I guess we should do the same with our breasts and maybe our bottoms, legs and thighs too, just to be on the safe side. It's not fair to men not to.