Friday, 2 January 2015

End of Year Facebook Status Update

Hey Everyone!

So... WOW, 2014 was a biiiiigggg year for me. I met my AMAZING boyfriend, Rain, who has taught me so much about how to love life and love myself. I've loved myself SO MUCH this year! I did a LOT of yoga and a LOT of meditating and a LOT of dancing. So much dancing!! I feel so blessed to be such a good dancer ; )

What else!!!! I had some amazing conversations with some beautiful people who wear gorgeous clothes and I feel like I really touched people, really taught them things about myself that they were able to use to make their own lives better. Such amazing connections!

I laughed with myself, I cried for myself, I loved myself, I felt myself grow, I ate food that was LITERALLY full of love, I gave to myself, I took from others what I wanted, I had some really honest and mindful conversations with the homeless, I was in nature, I was in the city, I demanded from the omni-Universe and reaped its rewarding love!

I went to London and had the best coffee, I went to Brighton and drank the best smoothies, I went to Manchester and learned about how the other half live, I went to Cornwall and surfed with dolphins... I went to some beautiful countries and was treated (mainly!) so well and with such humility by their indigenous peoples who often have nothing but are so happy!

I wore amazing clothes and took some gorgeous selfies. I got in touch with my beautiful body and fell in love with my generous soul! I adopted an African. So cute!

I cooked with Rain, gardened with Rain, laughed for hours with Rain, put Rain and myself on Wikipedia, fell in love with Rain's family, bought beautiful furniture with Rain, encouraged Rain to get a better paid job, finally got Rain to realise that his friends are not people of truth... it's been a big year for Rain, too!

It's been hard as well though, you guys! I've had to make some really tough decisions and big changes... I had to decide to cut my parents out of my life for good because of money. I had to make some children cry because of honesty and self-love. I had to force Rain's ex-girlfriend to move to Scotland because of self-preservation. I killed a dog.

But, all in all, 2014 has been so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, full of beauty and love and I know that this is all because of my own beauty and my own love!!! So, here's to another amazing year! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive

T H A N K    Y O U    T O   M E ! ! !

I couldn't have done this year without you, me! ; )

And remember, everyone, if this year has been a bad one for you, I would recommend that you use me as inspiration for a successful 2015!!! Just make a love-filled smoothie and read the above post every day this year and let its strength and love flow through you!



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