Friday, 2 August 2013

A-Z #10

Status Updates

Awwww sad face cos of poorly cats
Breakfast was nice today already planning lunch lol
Can't find my coat
Didn't know it would be raining today boo
English weather eh lol
Found my coat
Got a new pen in the post today excited can't wait to use it
Has anyone got any recommendations for cool stuff to write with a biro
I just nearly sneezed but then didn't
Just sneezed
Kula Shaker playing in lounge while I'm in kitchen staring at the floor lol
LITERALLY just lol'd cos of amazing joke on Loose Women
Might sit down in a bit
Not sitting down just yet but watch this space lol
Oh now I am (sitting down I mean)
Putting on my coat ready to go into town to get some bubble gum
Quite quiet in town for some reason not sure why
Right that's that done bubble gum BOUGHT back home again now
Strawberry cheese cake flavoured bubble gum anyone lol
Tried to call my mate just now but engaged for ever
Upset that my mate hasn't called me back wonder why
Very tired actually yawn
Well, that's me for today night all be good lol
You don't understand what it's like